Counselling and psychotherapy offer a supportive relationship to help with issues you are struggling with. This allows you to talk in a confidential and supportive environment to trained professional who is not involved in your personal life. 

I facilitate you to explore and work through your feelings, whether they are about a current situation or something that happened in your past.   

I work with you to help resolve emotional issues. These may be with yourself, your past or with others in your life.  

If you are too hard on yourself, I encourage you to become more self-compassionate and more accepting of yourself.  

I enable you to gently challenge your negative thinking in a supportive and caring way and explore with you how best you can change it into positive thinking. This enables you to feel more at ease emotionally and feel empowered and start to feel more in control of your feelings.  

I use an integrative approach that draws on different counselling theories to suit your needs.